torsdag 18. desember 2008

Artikkel om fotografering av manuskripter

In Search of Biblical Manuscripts: The City Library in Kozani

Editor's note: Dan Wallace is the executive director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts Last year, CSNTM discovered a large cache of New Testament manuscripts in Tirana, Albania, as reported in Christianity Today. Since this is Dan's sabbatical year, relieving him of teaching duties at Dallas Seminary until the fall of 2009, he is using his time to discover, examine, and photograph Greek New Testament manuscripts. Below he describes one day during the final week of the first expedition for the year.

After we started prepping the manuscripts (i.e., examining them for dimensions, leaves, content, date, columns, lines per column, etc.), Kiki mentioned casually to Brian Wright that they had other handwritten manuscripts in another part of the library. Would we like to take a look? Would we like to take a look? Is a frog's derriere watertight? Of course we would like to take a look! ......