onsdag 20. mai 2009

Big bang teorien -en gave til de troende?

 En interessant artikkel på Wikipedia om det religiøse aspektet ved Big Bang teorien.
Since the creation of the Big Bang theory, many religious interpretations of the Big Bang theory of physical cosmology have been offered. The Big Bang itself is a scientific theory, and as such stands or falls by its agreement with observations. But as a theory which addresses, or at least seems to address, creation itself, it has always been entangled with theological and philosophical implications. In the 1920s and '30s almost every major cosmologist preferred an eternal universe, and several complained that the beginning of time implied by the Big Bang imported religious concepts into physics; this objection was later repeated by supporters of the steady state theory.[1] This perception was enhanced by the fact that the theory's inventor, Georges Lemaître, was a Roman Catholic priest.