torsdag 1. november 2007

Hva døde Jesus av? (2004)

Noen linker om Jesu død. Vet ingen detaljer om linkene... (fungerer ikke?)

While many of the physical signs preceding death were present, one possibility is that Jesus did not die by physical factors which ended His ability to live, but that He gave up His life of His own accord. His last statement, "Into your hands I commit my Spirit" seems to show that Jesus' death occurred by giving Himself up.

Kanskje noe her også:
price that had to be paid for the redemption of man was the taking of the death-penalty.
Jesus did not die by "bleeding." Bleeding was not the cause of His death; He did not bleed to death. In fact, He did not die by execution on a cross. He "laid down His life" (John 10:17,18; I John 3:16), and "gave up His spirit" (John 19:30).
John MacArthur Jr.makes these same points when he writes:
"...'the shedding of blood' in Scripture is an expression that means much more than just bleeding. It refers to violent sacrificial death. If just bleeding could buy salvation, why did not Jesus simply bleed without dying? Of course, He had to die to be the perfect sacrifice, and without His death, our redemption could not have been purchased by His blood."34
"...if Christ had bled but not died, salv